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Electric cars are now available!

Hertz in Uzbekistan is introducing new technologies for a more environmentally friendly future in the car rental industry! We are pleased to announce the addition of electric vehicles to our fleet, opening up new opportunities for our customers and sustainable lifestyle enthusiasts.

You can now rent electric cars in Tashkent and enjoy the benefits of modern technology and a unique driving experience. Electric vehicles offer a clean and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional vehicles, helping to reduce emissions and improve environmental quality.

Our goal is to make environmentally friendly cars accessible to all of our customers, giving them the opportunity to choose more sustainable and responsible car rental options for their travels. Electric vehicles at Hertz are not only efficient and environmentally friendly, but also offer amazing convenience and comfort while driving.

Join us in the pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable future! Book your electric car now and experience the future with Hertz in Uzbekistan!